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Retrieving Athena Query History data


Is there any way to get the athena query history data from S3 rather than going through the hassle of getting query execution id's using ListQueryExecutions and calling GetQueryExecution API to get the details like data scanned, execution time etc. ? Can someone please help on this?

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Thank you for posting your concerns on AWS Forums.

I understand you would like to get Athena query history data like data scanned and execution time for Athena queries without using get-query-execution.

I am afraid that statistics like DataScannedInBytes and EngineExecutionTimeInMillis are not stored in S3, only the result of a Query is stored in CSV format. Therefore, it would be required for you to use the get-query-execution API to get there statistics.

Alternatively, if you do not require per Query statistic and get the over statistics by all Athena queries, and use Cloudwatch metrics for a work group to track the usage.
Athena publishes the following metrics to the CloudWatch console:
Query Status (successful, failed, or canceled)
Query Execution Time (in seconds)
Query Type (DDL or DML)
Data Processed Per Query. This is the total amount of data scanned per query (in Megabytes).
Workgroup Name

If feasible, you can leverage the above metrics for your use-case.

Please refer for more details.

I hope this helps. Please reply on this thread in case you have any further concerns.

Have a nice day!

Almas S.

answered 3 years ago

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