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Transferring WorkMail to another AWS Account


I recently had the bad fortune to learn that my AWS account was permanently connected to my Amazon shopping and audible accounts, and cannot be separated.

I have several resources I need to transfer to the new corporate account, one is Amazon WorkMail. Is this possible? Or do I have to set the whole thing up from scratch? If i set it up from scratch, can I get the same awsapps URL if i completely shut down the old awsapps services first (WorkMail, WorkDocs)?

Support isn't being too helpful, after telling me I needed to create a new AWS account, they asked me to send a list of resources I'd like to transfer and they would give me guidance, only they to say they aren't familiar with the steps to move those services and that I would need to come to the forum. None of this would be an issue if AWS didn't stupidly tie the logins together (grrrrr)

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I'm sorry to hear about your problems with the account linking of Amazon. I'm also to inform you there is no easy way to migrate a WorkMail organization.

You can migrate your WorkMail users from one Organization to another using various migration partners. The process would involve first creating a new organization in a new account where you cannot re-use the existing alias as it still in use. Then migrate all data using a migration partner or manually by using mail clients. After moving all data you can flip the DNS for mail and autodiscover to point to the new organization. Then you can remove the old organization.

More information on migration partners can be found here:

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answered 4 years ago

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