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/Not able to attach a SSL certificate to a Lightsail distribution/

Not able to attach a SSL certificate to a Lightsail distribution


I had created a Lightsail instance "instance1" followed by creating a static IP address and a distribution + SSL certificate for this distribution. Then I used a domain name to point to the CNAME entries provided by this SSL certificate. This worked great and I was able to access this instance via the custom domain name.

I forgot the password of the app that was running on instance1, so I ended up deleting the instance and the distribution. I kept the static IP though.

I created another Lightsail instance "instance2" and followed the process above. I am able to access the app of this instance via the given cloudfront address with HTTPS protocol.

The problem I have is that whenever I try to enable the custom domain for this distribution I get the following error:


Alternate Domain Names x,y have one or more parameter that is already associated with a different resource.


so, I can access the instance with (for example) When I try to access the https://customdomainname, it still points to the content from the previous instance1, which has since been deleted.

So, what do I need to do to enable custom domain with this Lightsail distribution?

Thank you,

A Perplexed user

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Thanks for choosing Lightsail!

Could you please contact AWS support to cut Lightsail a ticket for further assistant? Lightsail engineer can share some info of your personal account in the tt.

Thanks, Yiran

answered 20 days ago

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