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Hey there, I would like to know that In cloudformation, we can see whatever infrastructure we have defined as well as the user data scripts we have written (By navigating to the template plane). But If we publish our template to AWS Marketplace for the broader customer base, Do they also be able to see the contents and script running inside the template? Can someone please throw some light on this. I hope, am able to make my query clear.


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Yes, the customer using your CFN template in his account will be able to see via the console the full source code of the template and all the live resources that it created as well as all the events that led to those creations.

See the various tabs in the CFN console to have a good understanding of what your customer will see. This transparency is usually beneficial: you want customer to understand what they create in order to be able to predict costs and to be able to debug in case of issues.



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  • Thanks for answering so quick, But the user data scripts might contain some sensitive info/logic that the owner don't want to expose.

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