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Workmail and Calendar questions


I was able to create a Route 53 domain, create each user email accounts (25), and a couple of Groups. However, where I am really stuck, is how to use them most effectively. I want to create a Group Calendar that all employees use to put locations, off day requests, and general meeting information. I would also like to have view only access for the President's and CEO calendars, so that we have visibility of where they are and their personal secretaries can make changes and edits to the calendar that employees with view only access can see upcoming changes. I need some assistance understanding if I am setting it all up from a newbie admin stand point, and then how to execute/manage it better. Not too much information on any forums that are helpful with advanced workmail/calendars.


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I hope I can help out here and give you some pointers on solving yous challenges. First I would suggest to create a group with all you users so you can use this to grant permissions.

For the shared calendar I would create a shared mailbox (resource) and disable the auto meeting responses and add 1 or 2 users as delegate to this mailbox. This will allow you users to send meetings to this shared mailbox and the delegates can manage them. If you want your users to directly add meetings, one of the delegates can add read/write permissions (for the group that was created earlier) to the calendar of the shared mailbox and allow all users to open the calendar and add their appointments.

For the calendars of the CEO and President everyone by default can already see "free busy" information. You can control the level of that via the calendar permissions. This will allow users to see availability when booking meetings. Some clients will be able to open the calendar with these permissions (Windows Outlook). Other clients will need read permissions at a minimum to open the calendar as shared calendar. For their personal secretaries I would add them as delegate on the mailbox so they can manage their mailboxes on their behalf.

Here is a documentation page that might be helpful to learn more about permissions and delegation: AWS Docs

Kind regards, Robin

answered 2 months ago

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