Scammers in mTurk Sandbox?


Hi, I just received the second email from a person who's asking for money because they have completed my sandbox mturk task. They've included their bank details in the message. Is it possible to remove my contact details from sandbox tasks? that's annoying.

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Hi rePost-User-7349903,

I'm sorry you are having such bad experience using mTurk. I'm no expert in the service but as far as I remember, the service doesn't expose your e-mail but it do allow workers to get in touch to the requesters by using the console (If you access the HIT Details link in the upper left corner, there should be a 'Contact This Requester'. I'm assuming they are trying to get in touch from this source).

mTurk accounts are bind to you Amazon/AWS account so I'm unsure if you can update your email strictly for Sandbox mTurk (mTurk - Help).

I know this won't solve your issue, but I recommend you to get in touch with the mTurk team (mTurk - Contact Us) and inform your current situation and ask for help on how to deal with it.

answered 2 years ago

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