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/Why do RDS automatic backups not get listed?/

Why do RDS automatic backups not get listed?


I have an RDS Aurora Postgres instance that's been online for a few years. When created, through the console, I turned on automatic backups. On the DB instance page, I can see daily snapshots. I'd now like to practice the "restore at point in time" functionality that is documented at

However, there are no "Automated Backups" in the automated backups page for the region. If I open a Snapshot in the db instance page, I see "create a new instance from snapshot," which does not give an option for restoring to a particular point in time, only whenever the snapshot was made.

I would post some lightly redacted screenshots, but apparently that's not supported in these forums.

2 Answers

The answer is that Aurora is different from regular RDS, which means:

  • There won't be any Automated Backups listed for Aurora instances
  • The "Restore to Point in Time" command has moved to the Databases list. Select the database cluster and select "Restore to Point in Time" from the Actions button on the top of the cluster list.

It would be helpful if the "restore to point in time on RDS" document mentioned that the instructions didn't apply to Aurora somewhere.

answered 4 months ago

Thank you for reaching out. I understand you wanted to perform Point in Time restore for the Aurora Clusters. I will recommend you to review this document as it talks about in Point in Time Restore for Amazon Aurora cluster.

Restoring a DB cluster to a specified time -

As always, Happy Cloud Computing.

answered 4 months ago

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