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Windows Instances launched using RegisterImage API are showing PlatformDetails as "Linux/UNIX" and are not booting - when the EBS volume snapshots are created using StartSnapshot() API


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Windows Instance with a single EBS volume (aka root volume)
  2. Take a snapshot of the root volume (Snap-1)
  3. Create a new EBS snapshot (Snap-2) using StartSnapshot API with the Snap-1 as parent snapshot.
  4. On Snap-2, issue CompleteSnapshot API with 0 changed blocks.
  5. Create an AMI using RegisterImage API with Snap-2 as the root volume and same block device mapping as the original instance.
  6. Any instance created using the AMI has "Linux/UNIX" in Platform Details and does not boot.

It was observed that this issue occurs only if the EBS snapshot used is created using StartSnapshot API. For example, if Snap-1 was used in the RegisterImage call, any instance created using the AMI is showing platform as "windows" and is booting up properly.

Question: Is there any way to create a Windows AMI (that creates bootable windows instances) using EBS snapshots created via StartSnapshot API or is there any workaround for this ?

1 Answer

A Windows AMI must be created from an Amazon EC2 instance. Creation of a Windows AMI from an EBS snapshot is currently not supported as it might cause issues with billing, performance, and general operation.

answered a month ago

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