My Lightsail Wordpress site is running extremely slow for no apparent reason


I have one instance running the Linux platform with the Wordpress blueprint on Lightsail, one day it suddenly started running extremely slow, to load the page it takes around 10 minutes (most of the time it just throws an error), and even when trying to access to my Wordpress dashboard it is extremely slow too, to the point is unusable, so I'm unable to even back up my site there. I have a different site on another instance with the exact same configuration and I don't have any problems there. I tried taking a snapshot and creating a new instance but the problem persists. Any ideas of what can I do?

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Have you looked at the "Metrics" tab to see what's going on with the underlying hardware? It's possible that you are running out of resources.

answered 2 years ago
  • +1 to this, looking at the instance metrics (and also logging into the linux instance itself and looking at what's happening there with linux tools).

    Also, if a page takes 10 minutes to load, it'll make sense to just restart the instance as it's unusable as is anyway.

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