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Hi all, I'm a long-time network engineer skilled in using equipment such as Cisco routers and switches, and I'm working on adjusting to what I can do in the AWS CLI as it relates to routing. One of the recent challenges I am having is if there is an AWS CLI command that would be equivalent to "show ip bgp neighbor received-routes" command I would normally use in a Cisco device. Any guidance or pointers on achieving the same kind of visibility that I am accustomed to would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Tony,

There isn't an exact equivalent to the "show ip bgp neighbor received-routes" command on AWS. However, going by the question I assume you want to check the routes received from a VPN or Direct connect to a Transit Gateway or a Virtual Private Gateway. Kindly clarify on exactly where you are wanting to check this and which service you are using.

The received routes from a Direct connect or VPN, would only be visible on the TransitGateway Route table (if using TGW) or VPC Route table (if using Virtual Private Gateway).

If checking on TGW Route table, the "search-transit-gateway-routes" command should give the information on which attachment the route is received from

If checking on VPC Route table, the "describe-route-tables" command should give the information on which Virtual Private Gateway the route is received from, although it doesn't show the exact VPN ID or DirectConnect ID

Feel free to ask any additional clarifying questions and we'd be happy to answer.

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