TwinMaker Grafana plugin: dynamic selection of the scene


Hi, In the configuration of the TwinMaker plugin in Grafana, we can define the scene which will be display into the dashboard. Is possible the use a variable of the dashboard, to be able to select the scene dynamically? Thank you

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Currently, the dynamic selection of the scene is not supported in the TwinMaker Grafana plug-in. Depending on the selected datasource, a list of the available scenes are provided to the user to select from. Could you please share the use case when you would like to change the scene dynamically?

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answered a year ago

Thank you for your answer.

I have a dashboard which contains the data of all our connected sites. We have a Grafana variable to select and filter which site we want to display. So I would like to be able to use this variable to display the 3D scene of the site selected through the Grafana variable. I guess that others AWS customers could be interested, do you think so?

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answered a year ago

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