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  1. Can we make a new code through the sagemaker studio?
  2. In my computer, GPU is GTX2080ti model, so if I use AWS sagemaker for paid service, can I get better performance?
  3. How much GPU performance can you improve compared to before?
  4. I want to proceed with object segmentation through AWS sagemaker, can I use the code I used through sagemaker studio?
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My apologies, I am not fully sure on all the questions. But let me still make an attempt to respond to see if it helps.

  1. Yes, you can write your own custom code through SageMaker studio.

  2. This may not be an apple to apple comparison. The main advantage in this context, is your able to scale out your training to multiple nodes and cores (if your underlying model supports that). Likewise you can scale out the deployment as well. Typically the studio notebook is backed by a lightweight EC2 instance, but there are a large range of EC2 instances for training on SageMaker. Please refer to the following links for further assistance. 1. 2.

  3. Please refer to the response above for question # 2.

  4. Did you mean semantic segmentation? If yes, the answer is yes too.

Hope that helps!

Regards, Punya

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answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you!! It helped me a lot

  • Thanks, if you found this input useful - please mark the response as "Accepted".

  • I clicked "Accepted", Thanks

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