API Error when trying to use EC2



Whenever I log in on my console and go to "View all Services", then click on "EC2" a page shows up which contains a bunch of errors like "API Error" or "An error occurred retrieving supported platforms" or "An error occurred checking for a default VPC" or "There was an error while checking for scheduled events"



  • I'm facing exactly the same issue. @Aadi Khose can you please share what worked for you? I see an answer referring it as result of inadequate permissions but in my case, I'm the root user and I can see resources in all other instances whereas I'm facing this issue on a particular region. Also I didn't face any such error ever before with same permission and automatically started receiving this today with no changes being made to the permissionning.

  • I found out that the problem was with the browser I was using, I was switching between Opera GX and Chrome, however my Chrome was outdated, updating it fixed the issue..

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The issue is with the permissions - the console role associated with the user you've used to login to the console do not have adequate permissions. So please check https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/console_controlling-access.html for more details on how user access to the console is handled.

answered a year ago
  • Hey! Thanks for the information, but I have taken the Free Tier which says Amazon EC2 will be there for upto 12 months. Please let me know if there has been a misunderstanding.

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