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I have a build project in AWS CodeBuild. This project uses a docker image stored in AWS ECR. I have to modify the options which are used to run the container - specifically, I want to add --init. I see there is a initProcessEnabled option which can be used for ECS, but I don't understand how to combine this with CodeBuild.

  • Can you tell us what problem you're trying to solve, exactly? Why do you want to add --init?

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If you are using tini, in the buildspec.yml file, within the build phase, you could run the docker run --init... command. The buildspec.yml file syntax can be seen here.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks for your reply, but I am still confused. In my understanding the commands specified in the build phase are the ones which are executed within the container which is specified in the environment section. I would like to modify the docker run which is used as environment. Is it possible? If not, I think I should run again a docker with the init option

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