My environment launches with eb create with errors


I use the following command to launch my environment:

eb create django-env vpc-02aa477474b131595 --vpc.elbsubnets subnet-089ebed3884dd1aae,subnet-066970ae1c353cfa0 --vpc.ec2subnets subnet-066970ae1c353cfa0 --vpc.securitygroup sg-09e84374cd035458d

The environment launches, but with the following errors:

[WARNING] Environment health has transitioned from Pending to Severe. ELB processes are not healthy on all instances. Initialization in progress (running for 11 minutes). None of the instances are sending data. ELB health is failing or not available for all instances.

[ERROR] Stack named 'awseb-e-8sxdukyajn-stack' aborted operation. Current state: 'CREATE_FAILED' Reason: The following resource(s) failed to create: [AWSEBInstanceLaunchWaitCondition].

[ERROR] The EC2 instances failed to communicate with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, either because of configuration problems with the VPC or a failed EC2 instance. Check your VPC configuration and try launching the environment again.

The EC2 instance has no public ip -even though the VPC has a public subnet-.

Here are the screenshots of both subnets used in the command:

Enter image description here Enter image description here

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How about running the command with the "--vpc.publicip" option as shown below?

eb create django-greatkart-env vpc-02aa477474b131595 --vpc.elbsubnets subnet-089ebed3884dd1aae,subnet-066970ae1c353cfa0 --vpc.ec2subnets subnet-066970ae1c353cfa0 --vpc.securitygroup sg-09e843 74cd035458d --vpc.publicip
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  • That was it; the environment is successfully deployed now, thank you so much.

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