Redshift ML / SageMaker - Deploy an existing model artifact to a Redshift Cluster


Is it possible to deploy an existing model artifact from SageMaker to Redshift ML?

For example, with an Aurora ML you can reference a SageMaker endpoint and then use it as a UDF in a SELECT statement. Redshift ML works a bit differently - when you call CREATE MODEL - the model is trained with SageMaker Autopilot and then deployed to the Redshift Cluster.

What if I already have a trained model, can i deploy it to a Redshift Cluster and then use a UDF for Inference?

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As of January 30 2021, you can't deploy an existing model artifact from SageMaker to Redshift ML directly with currently announced Redshift ML preview features. But you can reference sagemaker endpoint through a lambda function and use that lambda function as an user defined function in Redshift.

Below would be the steps:

  1. Train and deploy your SageMaker model in a SageMaker Endpoint.
  2. Use Lambda function to reference sagemaker endpoint.
  3. Create a Redshift Lambda UDF referring above lambda function to run predictions.
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