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HI, We are trying to create a security profile in amazon connect via Terraform scripts. While creating a security profile, how to get relevant terraform supported values for permissions that need to be added inside the permission argument of the TF file. For eg. Terraform supported security profile value for Routing: Routing Profiles etc. what should be the value we write in TF file?

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Terraform should be able to support the security profile permissions listed in the Amazon Connect documentation here:

Based on this list, you can choose which ones to add. You can also combine the permissions as per your desired value. For example, "Routing: Routing Profiles" will need all the listed "RoutingPolicies" permissions (Create, Edit and View) declared in your TF file.

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Terraform can natively support Connect profiles with the aws_connect_security_profile resource. Below is an example, but you can find detailed examples and documentation on the Hashicorp documentation registry.

Hashicorp Documentation (external link)

resource "aws_connect_security_profile" "example" {
  instance_id = "aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-111111111111"
  name        = "example"
  description = "example description"

  permissions = [

  tags = {
    "Name" = "Example Security Profile"
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answered a year ago

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