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Please add TLD ".ai" to Route 53


Hi! We have an urgent requirement of transferring a domain from another registrar to Route53.

The TLD is ".ai" but that TLD seems to be missing on the available TLD list. Please consider adding ".ai" to TLD list.

Thanks a lot in advance.

1 Answer

Hello, thank you for reaching out.

I understand that you are requesting to allow .ai TLD Transfer to Route 53

Registering .ai TLD within Route 53 is on the roadmap with no public ETAs.

Having said that, you can create a Hosted Zone for .ai domain in Route53 to use it as your DNS service provider. This means you can point your name servers at your current registrar to Route 53 to manage your DNS.

I recommend subscribing to and filtering for "Networking & Content Delivery > Amazon Route 53" for updates specific to Route 53.


answered 3 months ago

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