"no route to host" instance id i-0a0d3444fd0a171fe


Dear all,

The instance's subnet is on a route which is connected to igw. The ACL is default one allowing all for incomming and outgoing. The security group allows ssh port access on 22 as well as 3030.
There is no firewall on the host. Yet I can not connect via ssh. I get error "No route to host".
This happened after upgrade and reboot.
Please help. The instance id is i-0a0d3444fd0a171fe.

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Hello moongya,

"No route to host" error suggests that there could be some network issue on your instance or that you are not connecting to correct address / host.

For network issue, check if your instance is passing all its system status checks. If some of them are failed, follow this AWS documentation:


You can share with me your instance console logs, they are available in AWS EC2 console:


As for the second reason, you have mentioned that this has happened after reboot.

Was that reboot or stop and start operation?

If stop and start, your IP address has changed if you have not used Elastic IP. This would explain "No route to host" - you simply do not connect to your instance.

Check your current IP and try to connect to it:


If this was the case, I would recommend using Elastic IP - this is static IP address that does not change upon stop and start operation. It is also free of charge if your instance is running:


Please note, when you assign Elastic IP to your instance, its IP will change. You cannot convert non-Elastic IP to Elastic one.

I hope that this will help you, if not feel free to reach out to me.


answered 2 years ago

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