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Hello, I am still at trying to clean up AWS account, and am needing some advice.

In AWS - EC2 - Security Groups - I have several critical vulnerabilities there, and in lieu of just nixing the issues, as im SURE it will blow something up, how do I find what function(s) are using this security group. So I can chase it back to its roots, see if they can be safely removed, or changed so the security value that is a vulnerability can be removed. THANKS

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Check out this document. You can do it via the console as shown in the document or via the CLI:

aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters Name=group-id,Values=<group-id> --region <region> --output json

Hope this helps

answered 2 years ago
  • Unfortunately this will only catch resources in the current account, but if you have VPC peering you could have SG in a different account referencing it. You should loop on every account having a peering in fact.


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answered 2 years ago

This will definitely show you all the resources your security group is associate with aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters Name=group-id,Values=<group-id> --region <region> --output json --query 'NetworkInterfaces'

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answered a year ago

Hey, does checking into network interfaces cover all cases? or there might be some cases further left and we end up deleting the wrong one. Couple of things on top of my head

  1. What if a security group is referenced by another security group but not there in a network interface
  2. What if security group is used by another account?

there might be other cases ,how can we make sure that these cases are also handled or am i just being too much paranoid?


answered 2 months ago

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