cannot delete network interface related to a FSx multi AZ VPC stack despite being logged in as root user


I'm trying to delete a VPC related to FSx.

I get an error saying I need to delete the following Network interfaces first:





When I try to delete the network interfaces I get another error message saying I do not have permission. I'm logged in as root user so I'm stumped as to how to do this.

How do I solve this issue?

Thanks, Pierre

2 Answers

Were these ENIs created by Amazon FSx? When you create an FSx file system, an ENI is automatically created in each associated subnet. These ENIs are managed by FSx and cannot be directly deleted, they will be deleted automatically when you delete the FSx file system.

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answered a year ago
  • Hi JamesB, These were indeed created automatically when the FSx file system was created. I can't delete the VPC that is related to the FSx which gets me to a dead end asking me to remove the network interfaces above that I can't delete.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, you didn't actually say - have you deleted the FSx file system? Just checking you're not trying to run FSx without a VPC which isn't possible.

answered a year ago
  • I have deleted the FSx file system. Now trying to delete the VPC

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