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How do I reverse Workspace disk performance from deteriorating?


I've had a workspace I've used for the better part of 5 years, and over time I've noticed the disk performance deteriorating to the point of being unusable. For example, I have a piece of software that starts up in 10s under normal disk performance, but has drifted out towards 2,000s because of disk performance being so slow! I'm using the Power Pro bundle AWS Workspace 2.3 GHZ 16GB Windows 10 VM with a 1TB encrypted user volume. When the workspace was new the disk performance was good roughly being comparable to my desktop. However, as time has gone on it has slowly degraded the point of of being unusable. My drives are currently 9% and 7% fragmented, but even after optimizing them it doesn't dramatically change the performance of the disks. I experience more frequent lockups where the client just freezes and doesn't repaint, but if I check my network connection it's sub 10ms which leads me to believe the disk is holding up the OS and the Amazon Workspace client is waiting on it to respond. What can be done to restore the performance back to what I had in the beginning?

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You should absolutely open a support case for this question. Amazon WorkSpaces being a managed service, allows support to look at the AWS managed account and see if there are any issues beyond the OS layer.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks Stevie for the reply, but what should people on basic support plan who can't open up cases for technical issues do?

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