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SageMaker Canvas failed to import the Redshift Data



  1. The Redshift connection has been setup on SageMaker Canvas.
  2. The Redshift already load the sample data (users, sales, etc)
  3. Drag and drop table 'users' to import pane.
  4. Check the import preview can show the data of 'users'
  5. Click Import

Expected result:

The dataset can be imported successfully

Actual result: Import failed with below details:

{'message': "Variable '$input' got invalid value None at 'input.uri'; Expected non-nullable type 'String!' not to be None.", 'locations': [{'line': 1, 'column': 8}], 'path': None}

Please contact your admin. Request ID: 8b849887-b067-46fc-9be9-dd122e9c8874

  • Data can be list in preview,but always failed when click import

    If I click Edit SQL, I can see the SQL string for the node:

    SELECT userid, username, firstname, lastname, city, state, email, phone, likesports, liketheatre, likeconcerts, likejazz, likeclassical, likeopera, likerock, likevegas, likebroadway, likemusicals FROM dev.public."users";

    I can run the sql and get the preview data. But always failed if I click import data button

1 Answer

Hi there @AWS-User-8556114,

This could be a mishap in the configuration of the Redshift connector on the Canvas service side. Can you try to forcefully close the Canvas app by deleting the connector first, then logging out of Canvas and/or by deleting the app (by going into the AWS Management Console, SageMaker, your domain, your profile, and deleting the app with type Canvas), then creating it again?

Alternatively, I'd have to ask you to reach out to Support so that they can help you troubleshoot this by looking into your configuration.


answered 7 months ago

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