webpage not loading?


After creating the ip address and configrating the instance with test static webpage template its not loading

  • Which template are you talking about? What do you mean the template is not loading? Can you access to the page? It's a network issue or you get back a 5xx or 4xx response? If it's a network issue, I would verify if you have setup Security Group of your instance correctly to give access from where you are trying to access from

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Websites running on an EC2 instance might become unreachable for multiple reasons. To resolve this issue, confirm that the configuration settings on your EC2 instance are correct. For example, if your instance isn't booting correctly or doesn't have the right DNS configurations, you can't connect to any website hosted on that instance.

Use the steps in the following article to check the configuration settings of your EC2 instance and find the root cause of this issue.


answered 9 months ago

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