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I found that the network quality from mainland China to Tokyo, Japan is unstable, I don't know if it can be optimized source ip : destination ip: I provide the source and destination addresses, you can perform quality inspection,

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Connections to/from services outside of AWS are not something we can directly control. If there are other external IP addresses that work fine then it is likely something on the target network or in between which is out of our control.

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answered a year ago
  • Is there any way to optimize it? I did a tracert diagram to see that the packet loss location is on the internal network of aws, I hope you can check the device at this address that has packet loss since this device

  • When you see packet loss on the internal Amazon network: Are you seeing devices not responding to traceroute/ping requests? Or are you seeing devices sometimes not responding to those requests? If it is the first, that's totally normally - many devices don't participate in the traceroute process (in terms of sending back ICMP messages). If it is intermittent then there is an issue there.

    As far as optimising the path: There's pretty much nothing you can do; and once packets leave the Amazon network (hence my comment about external IP addresses) it's under the control of whoever owns that remote network.

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