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Hi, i want to check the pricing for using Amplify Predictions - Identify text documents (form, table). I understand it uses amazon textract, but i cant seem to find pricing for it unless it is the same as the amazon textract api.

Amplify pricing does not show textract but only amazon rekognition as shown below: Enter image description here

I want to check if using amplify to access textract is the same price as using textract alone as per the pricing here:

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Hi JRock,

as you've seen Amplify does not charge you for backend resources on top of the respective AWS service usage. In your case, you'll be charged as per Amazon Textract pricing. You can see here that Textract is integrated into Predictions.

Predictions comes with built-in support for Amazon Translate, Amazon Polly, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Comprehend.

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answered a month ago

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