Getting error on Lex Bot Creation


Hello, I deleted one of the bots from Lex v1. After that I cannot create bot anymore. I am getting error as below: There is a conflicting operation in progress for the resource named 'XXXXX'.

Lex Error while creating a new bot

How can I fix this?

Thank you.

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hey thanks for your answer. Bot was not in list when I deleted it. It was gone. I was not able to create a bot with a different name either. But after a day error is gone. Then I deleted the intent that belongs to that bot. It also got a day to be full deleted. Today I clicked to delete slot type. I think it will get a day to be deleted.

I think the issue here was that this bot, intent and slot type had thousands of versions.

I think it will be ok tomorrow.

Thanks for your answer

answered 3 months ago

Could you please :

  1. make sure the older lex bot is deleted
  2. create a new bot with different name

Please let me know how it goes


answered 3 months ago

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