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Why does deploying AWS Amplify create a new CloudFront distribution every time. Bug? (since September 9th)


Usually, when deploying a new version of Amplify website, the existing CloudFrount distribution is used and updated. This has been the behavior for the past 9 months (2022).

But since September 9th 2022, when I deploy a new version of my Amplify website, it creates a new CloudFront distribution every time. My production live website is not updated (Route 53) since the old distribution is not updated.

Why this change in behavior? Is this a bug or expected?

Furthermore, email notifications for Amplify also stopped working today... Not sure if its a new Amplify build that brought in bugs.


Expected behavior

Existing CloudFront distribution should be used and updated when deploying Amplify website. (Past behavior) Email notification should continue to work

Reproduction steps

  1. Deploy a Amplify website with an existing Cloudfront distribution
  2. Notice that a new Cloudfront distribution is created.
  3. Redeploy a change
  4. A 3rd Cloudfront distribution is created
2 Answers

This morning, seems like AWS was fixed. But, I am now getting this error: NoSuchDistribution: The specified distribution does not exist.

This makes sense since I deleted the multiple new CloudFront instances created on each Amplify deploy. Is there a way to tell Amplify (within the web console) to use previous/old CloudFront distribution ID?

answered 25 days ago

I'm having the same exact problem but more recently. We hadn't make any update for a while. Did you ever figure out why?

answered 18 days ago

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