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Hi I have an EC2 instance running a web server with a fixed IP address; I have a route53 table entry for a sub-domain pointing to that IP address; when I enter either the subdomain name or the ip address in my browser (either Chrome or MS Edge) the subdomain is immediately replaced with the IP address. While it works as required, it doesn't look professional.

The domain is also hosted at Route53 though there is no live host for the primary domain at this time.

My record in the domain is fairly simple and (I think) in accordance with requirements:

Record Name: Type: A Differentiator: - Value/Route Traffic to:

There is also a separate NS record for in Route53 pointing to a number of AWS DNS endpoints.

Is there some trick to configuring the ROute53 for the subdomain to prevent it being replaced by the IP address in the browser.

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

Looks like you have the domain pointing to a s3 bucket where you are doing redirects:

  • -> to a S3 bucket that redirects to -> ec2 fixed IP.

You want the domain A record value to just be the fixed IP:

  • -> A Record with the fixed IP.
answered 9 months ago
  • Hi, thanks so much for the response. Unfortunately the application I'm using uses a specific port number (8501) so the IP address is modified with the port number ie Sadly Route53 want let me add the port number to the IP entry in the A record and I can't see there is any other other than to map the URL. Can you point me to documentation on what to do in that case? Thx.

  1. do what Michale_K says, i.e. set -> A Record with the fixed IP.
  2. Type "" in your browser to visit your web app.
answered 9 months ago

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