Cognito verification code emails no longer being sent


Has anybody had an issue with forgotten passwords and Conito not sending the verification code via email to users?

As far as I am aware there has been no code changes or AWS service changes in this area for quite some time but emails are no longer sent.

We are using amplify in the client front end to trigger this and I can see it hitting the AWS services and returning a 200.

Code being called:

await Auth.forgotPassword(

Usually this would send an email with a code in there which the user could then use to change their password.

Account recovery it set to email only, so it isn't going anywhere else. SMS is also disabled.

General emails from AWS are being sent from our account with no problems. Also, cognito is sending other emails out correctly, such as temporary passwords.

  • hmm, using the default cognito auth and forgotten password something weird is happening. When clicking forgot password I'm getting a message saying an email has been sent to m***@h*** when my email is m***@c*** same is happening for other users with the masked email address being obviously wrong. I think something might be badly broken.

1 Answer

It looks like it is working again now. I didn't change anything so it must have been fixed by AWS.

answered a year ago

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