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I'm writing terraform manifest, i create roles,groups, users, and assigned users to those groups, now i want to assign roles to groups, i was not able to find anything about that by googling, except this, which apparently doesn't do what i need.

Any suggestions? is it even possible?

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According the documentation, IAM Identities (users, user groups, and roles), this is not possible.

A user group cannot be identified as a Principal in a resource-based policy. 

The role trust policy is a resource-based policy.

You can achieve something similar using a condition in the trust policy that compares the tag on the role to the tag on the user.

"Condition": {
       "StringEquals": {"aws:ResourceTag/project": "${aws:PrincipalTag/project}"}
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  • Thank you, for the ones who have the same problem, there is a work - around, you can just define multiple users in the role trust policy, adding "AWS": ["user","user2"] in the policy. Very strange why AWS would not make it possible to do the same with groups tho.

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