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Problem sending mails with Simple email service


Hi there,

Seems like that my webshop, randomly , stop sending emails for a period of time, sometimes it takes about 10 mins, sometimes about 1 hour.. then it starts working again.

At the begining, I thought that this issue could be related with the sending quota or sending rate, but I've increased that numbers and checking the metrics, seems like i'm not near to reach the new limits, but still happening.

Does someones knows if is there any way to see logs or whatever to see what can be happening at the times where the emails stop working? not sure if it's a problem of my webshop or the simple email service.

Thanks a lot.

1 Answers


Not so much information provided from you but I think the following documents may help:

SES delivery problem:

Three places where your email could get delayed when sending through SES :

Please have a look and let us know more details if possible

Would be good to start with " Verify that you made a SendEmail or SendRawEmail request for the email in question and that you received a successful response. If you are making these requests programmatically, check your software logs to ensure that the program made the request and received a successful response"


answered 2 months ago

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