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I have gone thru documentations, it doesnot clearly mention. Can I create savings plan seperately for each of my instances ? For e.g: Comute plan with .5 threshold for instance ID: i-7878 and EC2 plan with .2 threshold for instance ID: i-3434

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No, the benefit of a Compute Savings Plan is that you do not need to define the instance types, OS, region, or tenancy. They also are applied to your Lambda's and your Fargate deployments.

The EC2 Savings Plan, however, you have to identify the instance family and region.

Neither plan requires that you identify the specific instance you would like the plan to be used against.

To understand how these plans are applied to your instances, you can read more here -

To understand what you'll save and more on the Savings Plans, read more about it here -

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No you cannot create per instance, however, the savings plan will apply the higest discount for you automatically reducing the operational overhead. This is what makes the savings plan so flexible. I suggest you have a look at Scenario 2 from this link.

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When you purchase a Savings Plan, it covers your EC2 usage based on the specified attributes such as instance family, region, and operating system. The commitment value of the Savings Plan is calculated based on your expected compute usage within those attributes.

The actual billing calculation for Savings Plans takes into account your usage across the covered attributes. AWS will match your usage to the Savings Plan based on these attributes and apply the corresponding discount. If your on-demand usage exceeds the commitment value of the Savings Plan, you will be billed for the additional on-demand usage at the regular on-demand rates.

It's important to note that Savings Plans provide a level of flexibility and discount coverage across your overall compute usage but do not allocate specific discounts to individual instances based on their costs.

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