How can API Gateway WebSockets be throttled per-user?


I have a customer who is using API Gateway and WebSockets, and they'd like to throttle each user to ensure the service isn't overwhelmed by overly chatty clients.

Since API Gateway WebSockets don't support API keys and usage plans, the best approach I can think of is to put a restriction in the client code, which the customer luckily controls, so are there any other options from the server-side?

The important part of this is per-user throttling, not any generic throttling.

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API GW WebSockets supports throttling, but as you indicated, because it does not support API keys, the limits are global for the API and not imposed per user.

If you need to do it per user/client, I think you best bet would be to do it in the client, or, have some logic on the backend integration that will reject chatty clients.

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