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/BEGINNER Admin - Difference between AWS Console and AWS Root Users/

BEGINNER Admin - Difference between AWS Console and AWS Root Users


Can multiple developers use our same AWS Account. If so, what is the difference between Root access and Console Access? Where should I set the new developer up? He will need to create containers, configure servers and clients in macOS.

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Here is a reference guide for what you are asking: AWS Account Management Reference Guide.

answered 2 months ago

Multiple developers can and should in most cases use the same account. You can create IAM users for each of them and provide console and programmatic access (key and secret). As an admin you should only give the minimum amount of permissions to each one, not administrative access. Refer to the IAM Security Best Practices: BTW, root access should not be use. Mind that it is a good practice to have a separate AWS account for your production environment also.

answered 2 months ago

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