Health check in route53 by port


Good day,

I have one domain with several ports for instance: domain1:8443 domain1:3443 domain1:10443

My questions are:

1- Is it possible to do health check in route53 by port? 2- If the health check is unsuccessful is able the domain whose port is failing change to another IP public?


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Hi, Good question

You could probably use the following

Health checks that monitor an endpoint

You can configure a health check that monitors an endpoint that you specify either by IP address or by domain name. At regular intervals that you specify, Route 53 submits automated requests over the internet to your application, server, or other resource to verify that it's reachable, available, and functional. Optionally, you can configure the health check to make requests similar to those that your users make, such as requesting a web page from a specific URL

More info at

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answered 10 months ago
  • Hi, Monitoring health check to an endpoint is possible monitor the port too?


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