How to remove Redshift serverless VPC network or remove Redshift server ?


When you create a redshift serverless configuration, an VPC network is created, with endpoints, ....

I see that I have charge for the VPC network so I want to stop all the charge on my account. Redshift serverless was only a test.

When I try to delete the resource I always received this error : Operation is not allowed for requester-managed VPC endpoints for the service. Like this one :

The creator of these resource is not me (shown as a number) as it's Amazon that create the resource.

I can't :

  • update to Vpc network on Redshift Serverless
  • delete Redshift serverless
  • no aws cli options exists for redshift server
  • no terraform resource exists for redshift server

Will I am stuck and I need to pay this VPC for all the time ?

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currently you can not delete it by yourselves but you can open a support ticket providing the AWS account id and region in which your serverless is , support can delete it for you.

If you do not have support you can just send an email to the email address you can find in the Amazon Redshift Serverless documentation page. Ask to delete the endpoint and share the AWS AccountID and region in which the endpoint was created.

We plan to provide the delete capability during GA.

hope this helps

answered a year ago
  • Hi Fabrizio,

    One can only open a support ticket if they are on a support plan which means that one is either forced to pay for the support plan or keep paying for the VPC until GA happens one day: either way the user is forced to pay money which seems a bit strange considering AWS offers $500 free credit to evaluate Redshift Serverless to start with.

    Please advise on how to get rid of Redshift Serverless without having to upgrade support plan.

  • @fuuzetsu. Please find my updated answer with details on how to ask AWS to delete your Redshift Serverless without support.


I have sent email to mentioned email address and waiting for serverless redshift to be deleted. I have hard time to understand how preview started without a delete button.

answered 10 months ago

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