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AWS Glue retry a job after an execution error



Currently we have not been able to find a way for a job to retry execution after a failure, and this is because if there is a communication failure with OnPrem, it is required that the job be re-executed automatically to guarantee the data integrity.

Exist any way to do that? i mean using AWS Eventbridge or a workaround related ?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Accepted Answer

There is a native retry functionality within Glue through the MaxRetries parameter. This parameter can be defined programmatically or if using Glue Studio in the "Job details" tab.

MaxRetries – Number (integer). The maximum number of times to retry this job after a JobRun fails.

If this is not sufficient for your use-case, consider wrapping your Glue job within a Step Function and here you can implement a more sophisticated retry/control mechanism.

answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

Thanks for you answer, i'm gonna test the suggest steps and let you know :)

answered 2 months ago

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