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Unable to choose 1920x1080 resolution in NICE DCV



NICE DCV Client:2022.1.8248.0
NICE DCV Server: 2022.1.13067
instance type: g4dn.2xlarge
OS: Windows server 2019 Datacenter,64bit
gpu: Tesla T4
gpu driver version: 516.59 cloud gaming
gpu driver type: standart  (according to NVIDIA control panel))

After modifying the entries in Windows Registry Editor as described in link we still are unable to set "Display Resolution" to "1920*1080" from settings, it remains "1360x768". We have tried also via command line:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> dcv set-display-layout --session console 1920x1080+0+0
PS C:\Users\Administrator> dcv describe-session console
        id: console
        owner: Administrator
        display layout: 1024x768+0+0
PS C:\Users\Administrator>

Can anyone name the cause or suggest a solution ?

asked 3 months ago53 views
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