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hi, is there a possibility to generate a CUR by filtering only for a set of account IDs?

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With the new Data Export feature within Billing and Cost Management - you can select specific columns that you need to get from your CUR, however you cannot filter specific accounts. For that, you would need to potentially use Athena service to query (filter) the line items that only refer to the accounts that you need.

An alternative could be - check out the new cost and usage dashboards feature - - where you can create CUR that will be automatically integrated with QuickSight service for visualization of your reports... and then, from QuickSight, you can view cost for a subset of accounts only by selecting/deselecting them in the filters on the top of the screen.

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answered 5 months ago
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You can try getting this by creating a report from 'Billing and Cost Management>Data Exports> Create'. You can segregate the required AWS accounts with the column name 'line_item_usage_account_name' in the report. You have an option to choose only the columns you need while creating the report

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answered 5 months ago

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