I can't connect to my EC2 instance.


I checked the connection after creating the instance, But it seems that at some point something went wrong with the instance.

After restarting the instance, It works fine, but I don't know the cause of the problem.


  • Cannot connect using PuTTY
  • 'ping' to Elastic IP is not responding
  • The state of the instance is RUNNING, but failed to check the status of the instance

[Installed on EC2]

  • Docker
  • Apache + PHP (Container)
  • MySQL (Container)

The CPU usage increased on 04/30/2022 03:00, and the instance status check fails after that. And there was no traffic at this time.

I checked the logs, no errors are found.

What more should I check?

asked 7 months ago47 views
1 Answer

I think you should check the utilization of the instance. Whenever the memory/cpu is full, it is possible to make instances inaccessible (because there is no resource left to serve the request).

answered 7 months ago

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