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Data Transfer charges for creating volumes from another availability zone


Consider this scenario: If I have a snapshot of a volume in us-east-2a and I modify its permissions such that it would be possible to create volumes from said snapshot in another account.

If I create a volume from it in us-east-2c (same region, different availably zone), would that incur AWS data transfer charges?

1 Answer

In short no

EBS snapshots are stored in S3 but there are no s3 data transfer charges for using ebs snapshots in the same region. See s3 pricing You pay for all bandwidth into and out of Amazon S3, except for the following: "Data transferred from an Amazon S3 bucket to any AWS service(s) within the same AWS Region as the S3 bucket (including to a different account in the same AWS Region)." - covers s3 to ec2 for ebs snapshots

You do pay for data transfer for copying snapshots to another region

answered 6 months ago

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