Pinpoint Journeys - Where is the "EXIT" condition?



I've been testing out Pinpoint Journeys and getting ready to use them.

However, I'm having trouble understanding how to make sure a user (an Endpoint) exits the journey when it's no longer relevant to them?

For example, if the Entry Condition is "Segment" (when a new Endpoint is part of a Segment, add them to the Journey)...

If this user (Endpoint) is no longer part of that Segment, do they automatically exit the Journey? Because, if so, I haven't seen it anywhere in the docs.

Please help. I don't want users to enter a Journey and continue receiving its emails when it's no longer relevant to them.

Thanks so much,

  • Did you find an answer? the documentation is so incomplete

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2 Answers

It looks like that Journey branch (in a Yes/No split for example) that has no activity and leads nowhere... IS an Exit of the journey.

So, a solution would be to check for an event (purchase for example). If the event:paying_user is present, do nothing, if not then continue the journey and send the next marketing emails.

A little burdensome, as you have to check before every next Communication Action, but this is what I found so far.

answered 2 years ago

Correction: Any Journey branch that leads to no further actions is a Journey Exit.

answered 2 years ago

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