Storage Gateway migration between accounts



Customer wants to migrate a storage gateway between accounts.

Do we have other way to do it besides copying the data between the accounts?

What would be the best practice? Thinking about possible cost/performance tradeoffs.

Thank you.

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Accepted Answer

If it is a Volume Gateway, the customer just needs to take a snapshot of the volume and share it with the other account. Please note, if the destination is in another region, the snapshot needs to be copied to that region before being shared. Once the snapshot is shared, a new volume can be created in the destination account based on the shared snapshot.


  • Take a snapshot of the storage gateway volume(s) in account A.
  • Share the snapshot with account B.
  • Create a new Volume Gateway in account (you can use an existing gateway as well).
  • Create a new Storage Gateway volume based on the shared snapshot.

File Gateway migration is a bit different, because its S3 space is owned and managed by the customer. That is why migrating a File Gateway would be as easy as copying the S3 objects to a bucket in account B. Then a "file share" can be created in account B based on the new bucket.

answered 3 years ago

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