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RedShift Scheduled Query Failure Alerting Issues


Hi Team,

I am having issues while creating alerts for RedShift Scheduled Query.

Service : AWS RedShift Region : us-east-1(N. Virginia).

Exact Issue :

When we schedule a query in RedShift there we can enable the monitoring and it will send alerts for all the triggered queries but, I want whenever a query fails it should alert us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards, Abhi

1 Answers

Amazon SNS topics attached to a scheduled query is currently designed to only send out notifications every time the query gets triggered, but do not come with the additional details (like query failure or success).

To verify if a schedule query is a success or failure, we have the option to check (using CLI) as of now using redshift-data API 'describe-statement'. (

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answered 13 days ago
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reviewed 10 days ago

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