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Migration from IBM DB2 9.5 using AWS Database Migration Service


I have a IBM DB2 9.5 system that I want to migrate to RDS using DMS. The documentation says that the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) will work with IBM DB2 version 9.5, but it is not listed as a supported DB2 version for a data source in the documentation about data sources ( ). Does anyone know why there is an inconsistency here regarding support for IBM DB2 9.5? Do i need to upgrade the DB2 database to a supported version to be able to migrate to a MySQL database on RDS using DMS?

1 Answer

Hi Chris, AWS SCT and AWS DMS are related but yet different products. AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT), as the name suggests, is used for migrating schemas (it is also used for data warehouse migration but that's a different topic). AWS Database Migration Service is used for database migration i.e. the data within the tables. DMS can perform some schema conversion like table definitions and indexes. However, you will need SCT to perform schema conversion of other objects like procedures, functions and more.

The sources for AWS SCT are listed here here. The link you provided are the sources for AWS DMS. You are right in identifying that Db2 9.5 is not listed as a source for DMS. Reach out to your AWS account team to help with alternate solutions.

answered 9 days ago

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