Does AWS SES support mail sending from ipv6 instances ?


IPv6 was added to the ec2 instance,

No public ipv4,

Sending an email from the instance over the smtp endpoint doesn't work,

So does SES even support ipv6?

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According to the link AWS SES doesn't have IPv6 support.

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answered 3 months ago
  • I find the page you linked isn't very well written. Is it talking about IPv6 support of AWS Service APIs, or connections to provisioned services themselves (e.g. the smtp endpoint in this case) or both? For example I think the page is saying that the SES API doesn't support IPv6, but I'm not sure whether it's providing any information about the smtp endpoint at all.

  • Where do you specifically see that SES is not supported on that page? I don't see it. Or is it because, it is not listed at all?


That page Dmytro linked has a table "Services that support IPv6" which includes only services that have some form of IPv6 support, so because SES isn't listed at all it means it has no IPv6 support. As I commented before though, the scope of "no IPv6 support" is a bit ambiguous to me as to whether that's referring only to the service API or provisioned resources like smtp endpoints as well. So I checked at where SMTP endpoint domain names are listed, and tried "nslookup" on the us-east-1 ones - and These both returned only IPv4 addresses so I'm convinced that the SMTP endpoints don't support IPv6.

answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks! Would be nice if someone from AWS could confirm. It seems odd that something as simple as email sending doesn't work with IPv6.


A possible solution would be to use NAT Gateway or NAT Instance on public network (cheaper, tested)

answered 6 days ago

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