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Hi, I have an ec2 instance which works well . I would like to use it on https so I bought a domain on freenom and asked a public SSL/TLS certificate from Amazon . However , I receive this error message CertificateError Could someone helps me please ? Thanks

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Certificates from AWS Certificate Manager cannot be used directly on EC2 instances. You'll need to:

  • create an Application Load Balancer
  • apply the certificate to the ALB
  • route traffic from the ALB to your back-end EC2 instance
answered 2 years ago
  • It's what I did , create a load balancer with the certificate and create a route 53 from ec2 to load balancing without https , all is working just my connection is not secure and with SSL protocol , I received the picture I sent



The following are possible causes of insecure HTTPS connections when using certificates from AWS Certificate Manager (ACM).

You can receive a certificate error message if:

1/ The certificate isn't valid for the name of the server.

2/ The certificate is expired.

3/ The SSL/TLS certificate for the website isn't trusted.

4/ Your connection is not fully secured.

For details, please see

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answered 2 years ago

Public ACM certificates can be installed on Amazon EC2 instances that are connected to a Nitro Enclave, but not to other Amazon EC2 instances. For information about setting up a standalone web server on an Amazon EC2 instance not connected to a Nitro Enclave,

Service integerated for ACM

To create Application Load Balancer, please refer here

Please refer Attach certificate to Load balancer

answered 2 years ago

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