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/Error 500 in Account Settings section/

Error 500 in Account Settings section



I have error 500 when I try to Edit Account Settings section. There is some additional info from browser console log:

GET 500 /updateaccount? The Content-Security-Policy directive 'default-src' contains the keyword 'none' alongside with other source expressions. The keyword 'none' must be the only source expression in the directive value, otherwise it is ignored. updateaccount:5 The Content-Security-Policy directive name 'Content-Security-Policy:' contains one or more invalid characters. Only ASCII alphanumeric characters or dashes '-' are allowed in directive names. style.css:1 GET 404

1 Answers

Hi , Are you using AWS SSO and Firefox ? Would you mind trying with another browser ? Thank you

answered 5 months ago
  • I've tried Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Brave browser. It still doesn't work.

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