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FSX for Windows


After adding an FSX for window service I can connect to it via the fsmgmt.msc, I can change file security but get an error stating "Changes cannot be saved. This shared resource does not exist. " . We are using AWS managed AD. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, the above question does not describe exactly how you are connecting to fsmgmt.msc. To save some time, I shall share two snippets from the public documentation which may be related to your issue:

For Single-AZ 2 and Multi-AZ file systems, removing file shares or modifying file shares (including updating permissions, user limits, and other properties) using the Shared Folders GUI tool is possible only if you connect to fsmgmt.msc using the **DNS Name ** of the Amazon FSx file system. The Shared Folders GUI tool does not support these actions if you connect using the IP address or DNS alias name of the file system.


Amazon FSx requires that the **SYSTEM ** user have Full control NTFS ACL permissions on all folders within your file system. Please can you share the NTFS ACL permissions for this user on your folders as well as how you are connecting to the share (DNS or IP)


If neither of these solve your issue, please try navigate to \\amzfsxdnsname\D$ check if you are able to edit the ACL permissions from there?

Let me know how it goes :)

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answered 15 days ago
  • I was connecting using a DNS alias, connecting with Amazon DNS name fixed the issue. Thanks!

  • Awesome, glad its working!

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